Bulletin board with the words thank you tacked to it

It is School Board Appreciation Month!

What does the school board do?

·         School board members represent public interest in schools.  They help school districts to adopt budgets, monitor funds, Support in setting the district's mission, vision, values and goals. 

·          School board members help districts to consider issues, adopt policies, and monitor student achievement. 

·         School board members are the heart and soul of what makes a stable school district.  They keep us grounded to our community to ensure we reflect our communities values and needs.  They are the best advocates for our students, staff, and local communities as it relates to education!

·         Our school board members spend countless hours of unpaid time working to provide the best possible education for our students.   They focus on achievement, programs, services, and growth.

·         LGSD School board members are the ultimate servant leaders, they are noble minded and put children first while striving to stay in support staff so that all can reach their full potential.


School board members are often not recognized for their efforts as school board members.  Even though we are making a special effort during January to show appreciation for our school board members, we recognize their contributions reflect a year-round effort on their part. They are dedicated individuals who are committed to improving student achievement and to fighting for the best for all of our students. 


If you did not know.  We have what I believe is one of the best school boards in the state of Oregon.  

Please take a moment to reach out and thank our fabulous Board Members! 

Chair Randy Shaw

Vice Chair Danelle Lindsey

Director Robin Maille

Director Jake Hanson

Director Joe Justice

Director Merle Comfort

Director Bruce Kevan

Thank you,

Superintendent George Mendoza