• Today in Advisory is: Weekly Flag Salute/Communication/Grade/& Homework Time! 

  • Happy Birthday to: 

  • Duty Team  3 Rainsberry, Schow, Cimon, Bisenius, Freeman

  • Interested in Little League? We have sign up forms in the front office. Stop by and get signed up. 

  • Real Life 6th graders, please bring your Chromebook to class today.

  • Please bring your completed stamp sheets to the ROAR Store today-open during your lunch time. Stamps earned for effort, achievements, and attendance! Go Wildcats! 

  • 8th graders, you won the Money Wars! PTO will be here today during lunch with a treat available for you.  Only 8th graders will be allowed to get these as a reward for winning the money wars.

Advisory Schedule

Monday: Weekly Communication/Grade/& Homework Time! 

Tuesday: Flag Salute/Reading Day! Bring a book with you! 

Wednesday: (Late Start) Planner Check: 

Thursday: Wildcat Wellness (Character Edu. & SEL):Friday: Team Building/ School Spirit

Friday! Team Building/ School Spirit Friday! Wear Blue and White!:

  • Pledge of Allegiance (Tuesday)  Please stand and remove your hats.