December 9, 2022

Advisory Schedule:

Monday: Weekly Communication/Grade/& Homework Time! 

Tuesday: Flag Salute/Reading Day! Bring a book with you! 

Wednesday: (Late Start) Planner Check: 

Thursday: Wildcat Wellness (Character Edu. & SEL):Friday: Team Building/ School Spirit

Friday! Team Building/ School Spirit Friday! Wear Blue and White!:

  • Next Friday LMS will have a Wildcat Fun Hour. All students who do not have any unserved detentions will be able to participate.
  • Kids- Please do not prop exit doors open during lunch and do not open exterior doors for people.  The protocol is to enter in the front of the building and check in at the main office.  This is a safety concern.
  • Do not leave your binders, papers, etc out in the commons at lunch. Go to your locker, put your stuff away, and then go to lunch.
  • December 9 at Riveria Gym from 8-10 LaGrande Parks and Rec are hosting an Open Gym for 6-10 graders. There will be music and activities to win some prizes.
  • Dental Screenings will be taking place today up on the wrestling deck.  If you turned in a form to get screened you will be called in to do so.
  • Reminder Butter Braid pickup is today after school at 3:00 in the commons.  Remember to get those straight to the people who purchased from you or get them to a freezer to keep them frozen!
  • Today will also be popcorn day! Bring your wildcat card down to get your popcorn at lunch.
  • Winter has arrived and as tempting as it is we will not be throwing snow. This includes before school, after school or at lunch. Also if the weather is cold enough in the morning we may let students come in early. If this happens you will be asked to find a table and sit down until the bell rings to go to class.

  • Pledge of Allegiance (Tuesday)  Please stand and remove your hats.