Student Planting in Science

I am happy to announce that the 2021 LMS Greenhouse project has begun!

Be sure to check out these fabulous photos from the past 2 days! 
The plants are adorable and so are these kids.

Like all other things, our project looks different in this time of COVID school. 
Of course, all of our work is done with an extra layer of safety in mind...6 feet apart...not sharing materials unless they are cleaned between each use...and then cleaning some more!

Last week we started a plant propagation project with flowering houseplants.

This first project is more of a personal planting project. At this time as I really would like for them to have something to take home and care for.

For those of you who have supported our project in the past, it is unlikely that we will have a large public sale this year. 
I hope we can return to the previous kind of planting and big sale in 2022. 
If we do generate any excess plantings, we will advertise and sell online as we did last year.

Mrs. Nickerson