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Summer Lunch Program

The Free Summer Lunch Program is now available for all children ages 1-18.  Located at Riveria (2609 2nd Street) lunch is served from 11:30-12:30pm.  Lunches are free to all kids and $4 for adults.This program runs June 8th - August 21.

Congratulations LHS Class of 2020!

Graduation Cap

LMS would like to congratulate all of our high school graduates of 2020.  Great job you guys!  All of your hard work has paid off and even though graduation looks a bit different than you imagined, you did it!  

End of the Year Letter From Scott Carpenter, Director of Ed. Programs:



Locker and Desk Clean-out:

Good Evening Parents and Students, 

This is Kyle Mckinney from the Middle School.  I just wanted to give you all a heads up about where we are at in getting your students locker and desk materials ready for pick-up. The schedule is posted below with the link as well as on the MS Facebook page.  We have been busy with staff consolidating PE lockers, classroom desks and cubbies into your students’ lockers downstairs.  This has taken a lot of time with staff doing this and I really appreciated them doing a great and organized job.  

In our efforts to enforce and continue the distancing requirements, we will be spreading out the days and times for you to come to school and pick up your student’s materials.  Again this schedule is posted on the LMS website and Facebook page, please follow the schedule to assist us in being safe and efficient in getting the material to you.  We will start on Wednesday  and will go through Thursday with staff to assist at the doors. IIf for some reason you cannot make it at those times, you can come in the following Tuesday during packet pick up so staff can assist, or call to arrange another pick up time.  Thanks for your patience in this and know that the logistics of three or four places that your students store things has taken time to gather efficiently.

Lost and Found will be outside the front doors. Please be sure to take a look as you never know what you did not realize was missing! 



Quick Reminders:

Students: Please remember to check your email every day for information from your teachers.  Also if you are turning in any work or packets to the school be sure to write your name as well as your teacher's name.  For example: if you are a 7th grader and have Mrs. Singer for math be sure to write Mrs. Singer on your math packet so we know which teacher to return it to.  Thank you and we miss you!

Honor Roll information will be published in The Observer as well as on their community page.  The information will be sent to them by this Friday, 4/3, so be sure to look for it sometime after that.

Message from Vice Principal Wagner:

Hello families, this is Vice Principal Wagner from La Grande Middle School. I wanted to take a moment to address some concerns with the online packets that came up during distribution today.  Many families expressed a desire to access and edit the packet material online without having to print or come in to pick up a packet. Many felt they were unable to do so since all documents were posted in a PDF format on the Distance Learning Website.  I wanted to give you some options that would allow your students to complete their packet work without having to print the documents or physically come to the school to pick up a hard copy of the packet.

First off, we would request that, whenever possible, packet work be submitted to teachers digitally for safety and sanitation reasons. That can be done through scanning documents with a phone picture or printer then emailing or sharing the image through Google Docs. There are several options for completing the packets online.  

I would recommend students checking their Google classrooms. Many teachers are making an editable version of the packet work for their class available on their Google classrooms and it can be submitted through that venue as well.  

The next option would be to go to the packet on the district website, click on the class and when the document appears on the screen there will be an option directly above the document that says “Open With.”  Select that option and choose “doc hub” from the choices that appear. This free Google extension will allow your student to edit the PDF directly. They can then send the edited PDF to their Google Doc account and share it with their teacher directly.  

A third option would be to create a new Google doc, title it with the Course name and Assignment, then type their responses to the packet work on that new document.  They can then share the document with their responses with their teacher.  

If your student prefers to write out responses with pencil and paper, they can do so.  Just title the paper with the course and assignment name and when they complete the response, use your phone to take a picture of it and email it to the classroom teacher.  

Again, for sanitation and safety reasons, we would request work to be turned in to teachers digitally if at all possible. However, if you would like to turn work in physically to the school, we will have turn in boxes available in the foyer at LMS next Tuesday during normal packet pickup times.  I hope this will help make the distance learning process more convenient for you and your students. Please let them know we miss them greatly and wish we could have them here. This voice message with the instructions will be posted to the La Grande Middle School Website and on our facebook page. Thanks and stay safe.





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