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Cross Country Meet
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La Grande School District Plan for Supplemental Learning During COVID-19 Closure.  Services Begin April 1, 2020

  • We're committed to keeping in touch with students and ensuring they stay engaged and have opportunities to learn.  It's important to remember that this is NOT normal school.  The assignments and activities are intended to review or provide extension activities for material students have covered.  We're working to provide materials and work that students can complete with minimal help from adults in the home.
  • Online and in printed learning packets.  The district has created a Distance Learning Webpage that will have new curriculum posted every week on Tuesdays. https://sites.google.com/lagrandesd.org/distancelearning  Prior packets will also be available on this website as well.  Printed versions of all packets will be available to students and families at their student's school on Tuesdays from 7:30am - 7:00pm.  Additional learning resources will be available on the Distance Learning Website for families to use as well.
  • Teachers and Counselors are just a phone call away.  All teachers and counselors will be available via phone and email Monday - Friday.  Your student's teacher (K-6) or advisory/homeroom teacher (7-12) will be in contact on March 31st - April 1st to setup a communication plan with you.  Teachers will be maintaining regular contact with families during this closure.
  • We are providing Chromebooks, packets, and learning materials.  Based on survey results, we recognize that many students are sharing devices or do not have devices available at home.  Chromebooks will be available at school sites for parents to check-out for student use during this closure, they will be available for check-out Tuesdays from 7:30am - 7:00pm. Please note: there will not be any required classwork that will require a device, these are simply available as a preference only.  Please click on link to complete the survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScEJQRaRXPuQa_CoenIAcduKdyaDD4AOc1A4psAgQ1vT-XQQA/viewform

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COVID-19 Closure Family Guide

La Grande School District is providing this guide for families during the Oregon school closure.

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LMS Daily Announcements

  • Honor Roll information will be published in The Observer as well as on their community page.  The information will be sent to them by this Friday, 4/3, so be sure to look for it sometime after that.


  • Hello families, this is Vice Principal Wagner from La Grande Middle School. I wanted to take a moment to address some concerns with the online packets that came up during distribution today.  Many families expressed a desire to access and edit the packet material online without having to print or come in to pick up a packet. Many felt they were unable to do so since all documents were posted in a PDF format on the Distance Learning Website.  I wanted to give you some options that would allow your students to complete their packet work without having to print the documents or physically come to the school to pick up a hard copy of the packet.


    First off, we would request that, whenever possible, packet work be submitted to teachers digitally for safety and sanitation reasons. That can be done through scanning documents with a phone picture or printer then emailing or sharing the image through Google Docs. There are several options for completing the packets online. 


    First, I would recommend students checking their Google classrooms. Many teachers are making an editable version of the packet work for their class available on their Google classrooms and it can be submitted through that venue as well.  


    The next option would be to go to the packet on the district website, click on the class and when the document appears on the screen there will be an option directly above the document that says “Open With.”  Select that option and choose “doc hub” from the choices that appear. This free Google extension will allow your student to edit the PDF directly. They can then send the edited PDF to their Google Doc account and share it with their teacher directly. 


     A third option would be to create a new Google doc, title it with the Course name and Assignment, then type their responses to the packet work on that new document.  They can then share the document with their responses with their teacher.  


    If your student prefers to write out responses with pencil and paper, they can do so.  Just title the paper with the course and assignment name and when they complete the response, use your phone to take a picture of it and email it to the classroom teacher.  


    Again, for sanitation and safety reasons, we would request work to be turned in to teachers digitally if at all possible. However, if you would like to turn work in physically to the school, we will have turn in boxes available in the foyer at LMS next Tuesday during normal packet pickup times.  I hope this will help make the distance learning process more convenient for you and your students. Please let them know we miss them greatly and wish we could have them here. This voice message with the instructions will be posted to the La Grande Middle School Website and on our facebook page. Thanks and stay safe.





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