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Student Recognition


The Citizenship Award is an opportunity to recognize students who have achieved academic success (C’s or higher), have no office referrals and who have helped others in some way.

Students nominate themselves based on final grades and behavior throughout the first 3 quarters. Students who qualify will be honored with a party in the commons. The party will be held during the school day. Applications should be returned to the student’s advisory teacher.

  1. No D’s or F’s for the three quarters 
  2. No detentions during the semester 
  3. No office referrals during the semester 
  4. No skipping of classes 
  5. Provide a statement indicating service or contributions to others (Services in which the student was paid or services provided as a form of punishment do not qualify) 

Student of the Month is part of our school’s Positive Behavior Support Program. The students nominated have met LMS’s core value of:
  • Be Respectful 
  • Be Safe 
  • Be Responsible 
We encourage all students to demonstrate these core values while in our building, representing our school, and at home. While enrolled at LMS we hope that students not only increase in academic knowledge but also continue to build character traits that make them good citizens. Student of the Month is one way to reward these students.

Toward the end of each month we take nominations from our teachers for students who have met these standards and honor them as our Student of the Month. Student’s pictures are taken with a statement from the teacher that nominated them and are displayed in our showcase at the office. Each student receives a bumper sticker, a five day pass to be first in line for lunch (with a friend), and their name advertised on our LMS web page.